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Mobile device overuse raises risk of strabismus in children

Experts said that with the development technology products, the percentage of children suffered from strabismus and myopia (commonly known as crossed-eyes and short-sightedness) has increased markedly. One day in early April, a five-year-old Chinese suddenly saw everything in the house in double vision after waking up, his mother was frightened …

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Signs that infant is definitely a “special” child

smart baby

Is your child a smart baby? You do not have to wait for his school age. A newborn baby has his/her own signs to “unveil” the parents know he is a special child. Infants that express these following signs are definitely intelligent babies. Love being in the mother pocket This …

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Nearly lost two-month-old son due to the milk formula

Due to lack of knowledge when making the milk formula for infant, the mother in the story almost lost the two-month-old baby. This should be a valuable experience for all mothers, especially those who give birth for the first time. In early 2016, many newspapers published news about a regrettable …

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Foods for infertility treatment in male

infertility treatment in male

Infertility has traditionally been thought of as a woman’s problem. But as it turns out, men don’t get off that easily. Even, infertility rate in male has been increasing nowadays. One of the causes of infertility in men is the lack of attention on diet. Here are some dishes for …

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Top food are extremely harmful to children under one year


Many foods are nutritious to children under one year old but some foods could be harmful to the child’s immature body. Cow milk, soy milk Why should you avoid? – Not meet iron requirements such as those in breast milk and formula milk – Can cause intestinal bleeding – Be …

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Diarrhea in children can lead to death because of these three mistakes

Diarrhea in children

Diarrhea is common in young children due to weak intestine. The improper childcare will harm to the health or even death. Rehydrate in wrong way Principles for the diarrhea treatment are to rehydrate. When getting a diarrhea, children bodies are dehydrating. The severe water shortages can lead to death. So …

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Be careful with baby first haircuts

baby first haircuts

It might be concepts that infant haircuts will help lock grow faster and thicker, but baby first hair plays a great role in protecting immaturity fontanel and warming baby heads. Then a child’s first haircut is an important event for many parents, you should pay special attention to the following …

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Ten amazing things about our body when sleeping


While you are sleeping, your body is doing many “odd” things that you are beyond your imagination. It is time to discover what these ten things are. Body temperature reduces When you start to go to bed, your body temperature begins to decrease. At half past two a.m., the temperature …

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Five tips to make woman back in shape after giving birth

back in shape after giving birth

Woman’s body changes much on pregnant process and after giving birth, that is why they should equip themselves with these five tips to help woman back in shape. Have suitable dietary It is important to provide yourself with enough nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and fiber. You should divide …

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Quickly recovering from a hangover

A blinding headache with that horrible alcoholic taste in the mouth is enough to make most people threaten to touch another drink ever again. The hangover remedies mentioned as follows are all natural and super effective. Vinegar: Take a small vinegar cup (20l25ml) and drink slowly. Or else, mix vinegar …

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