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Ten amazing things about our body when sleeping

While you are sleeping, your body is doing many “odd” things that you are beyond your imagination. It is time to discover what these ten things are.

Body temperature reduces

When you start to go to bed, your body temperature begins to decrease. At half past two a.m., the temperature reduces to its minimum. Therefore, you should notice this and try to make your body warm by hugging your partner or turn on the heater.

Weight loses

At nighttime, your body loses water by breathing and sweating. That is why your weight loses. You are advisable to sleep at least seven hours, as it is good for your health. Even it can help you get perfect waistline.

Height increases

It may be difficult to realize, however it is true that you become higher when you sleep. Therefore, if you want to improve your height, you should choose sleeping posture that can help you reduce force on your back.

Heart beat and pressure decrease

When you rest, all activities of organ system become slower. At night, pressure should decrease so that heart and circulatory system have time to recover. It is especially good for people who are suffering from high pressure. They should sleep at least seven hours in order to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.

Muscles temporarily lose ability to move

You do not need to feel scare when reading this. Temporarily losing ability to move of muscles can help you control your actions on dreams.


Eyes are convulsed

When you are in REM (a sleeping process), your eyes move quickly from right to left and vice versa. It is also the time that you experience your dream.

You can get orgasm

It is said that when you are dreaming, your body need more oxygen. Because of this, blood amount to all organs increases. That is why both woman and man can get orgasm.

You may fart

Do not worry if you think this can disturb you or your partners. Because you can smell nothing while sleeping.

The whole body is myotonus

It is quite normal if your whole body is mytonus when sleeping. You do not need to worry about this. Just let it happen naturally.

Skin produces more collagen

Often when you are sleeping, you are hungry. It is time growing hormones are produced in order to free stored energy. In addition, your skin also produces more collagen.

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