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Nearly lost two-month-old son due to the milk formula

Due to lack of knowledge when making the milk formula for infant, the mother in the story almost lost the two-month-old baby. This should be a valuable experience for all mothers, especially those who give birth for the first time.

In early 2016, many newspapers published news about a regrettable incident occurring in China to warn parents about common mistakes when first feeding formula milk.

The more condensed the milk formula mother makes, the more dangers the child faces.

Nearly lost two-month-old son due to unawareness of making the milk formula

According to information sources, a premature baby was drinking formula that his parents made because his mother was not getting enough milk. Moreover, because they loved him and wanted him to grow well, they concentrated milk more condensed than specified by the manufacturer.

Until one day, his parents were frightened out of discovering their children had abnormal signs such as crying, not sleeping, belly like a balloon.

Immediately, the baby was taken to hospital. Here, doctor diagnosed children had gotten necrotizing enterocolitis caused by drinking too much milk. After knowing the cause pushing baby over to a critical situation, his parents fell very regretful. Just because a lack of understanding, they almost hurt their child.

Children can drink formula milk based on the age.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that for young children, parents should follow its suggested dosage indicated on the pack of milk.

For children under six months, they should not drink more 150ml of milk/time. Gradually, 180ml are reserved for children over six months and 200-250 ml for twelve-month-children. At this stage, parents should give children to drink milk with the same bland breast milk.

Children can drink formula milk based on the age.

In fact, this mistake does not only happen to the parents in the above story. Many parents who love their children and want children to grow well should prepare an amount of milk more condensed than instructed by the manufacturer.

This will lead to more consequences for the health of babies if they drink milk too thick such as dehydration, constipation, loss of appetite, fear of milk. If this situation lasts, the child would be at risk of very dangerous acute intestinal bleeding.

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