Five tips to become an attractive pregnant woman

attractive pregnant woman

Every woman has right to make her more beautiful, even when she is pregnant. Nevertheless, what are ways to become more beautiful while still being safe for mom and baby? Five tips to become an attractive pregnant woman can help you find the answer. Keep skin fresh When being in …

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Four ways to have natural pink lips

beautiful lips

You are sure to have natural pink lips by four simple ways after reading this article. It is fact that no woman wants to have dark and dry lips as it makes them unconfident. Much worse, it causes bad feeling by people around you, especially man. Instead of waiting time …

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Eight natural ingredients to prevent hair loss

hair loss

You may lose your hair gradually because of stress, hormone disorder, lack of iron or being in cancer treatment process. You are also tired of trying in vain to hold your hairpieces back. It is time to stop worrying as you can use one of eight natural ingredients to prevent …

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Four amazing foods to lose weight safely

You will soon find that these four amazing foods to lose weight are one of the best choices in your life. Why so? Because you can eat just a few amounts of these foods, you feel no need for another food. That must help much to control the shape of …

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Three days to lose weights by ice-cream

Eating ice cream in the evening - a military-style weight loss

You do not have enough time and patience to follow a long-term diet? No need to be worried as the short-term diet (usually lasting for seven – ten days) has the superior efficiency of its own! And the fact is that you can lose weights only after three days by …

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How to dye your hair with natural ingredients

Honey and vinegar

Turns out we can use a lot of natural ingredients—some of which we can find in our kitchens—to create new hair color which can help change 90% your outlook just in few minutes. Plus, these tips are cheap, safe and super fun to dye your hair. Cinnamon Lightening your hair …

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Common household items for hair care

Vinegar for oily hair and dandruff treatment

The hair has an important role in maintaining the natural beauty, healthy and full of vitality for women. You can take good care of your hair by eating a healthy diet and using quality hair care products meant for your hair type. Plus, there are many simple home remedies that …

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Effective facial skin care with honey

Honey is not only a very nutritious food for good health but also a “magic” for a flawless radiant skin. Let’s find out how to take care of our facial skin with honey so that we can obtain extremely effective below experiences in skin care for ourselves. Use honey as …

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