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The wrong ways to drink milk

baby drink milk

If you drink milk in a wrong way, it will become a poisonous food that influences badly your health. Here are 06 common bad ways of drinking milk we should note. Drink very condensed milk Many people think that special milk will have more nutrients. However, this is not true. …

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Five benefits from raising baby by lac feminnum

Lac feminnum contains enough energy and necessary nutrients for baby from six first months

As a wise mother, you should know five benefits from raising your baby by lac feminnum. It is a fact that lac feminnum is the best nutrient resource for baby. Lac feminnum contains enough nutrients for baby growing from very first month of life, even for the following months. Lac …

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Effective Ways for Infant’s Coughs

Coughing is a very popular phenomenon among infants and there are many reasons why babies cough. Usually the disease will quickly go away if babies are properly cared. The best way is to use normal saline for infants’ nasal irrigation before feeding, eating and sleeping. Parents should not let their …

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The warning signs that your child was seriously unwell

baby is wailing endlessly

There are serious signs of child illness that mothers do not know or ignore. It is extremely dangerous because it can affect the child’s life. Which are the signs? If the baby is wailing endlessly Crying is a normal phenomenon in children and many mothers think that it does not …

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Four cheap drinks are wonderful remedy for children

drink children

Babies need vitamin C and other substances found in fruits for their healthy growth. If they refused to eat these delicious fruits, mothers could make some juice for easier drinking. The following drinks are truly cheap and also wonderful remedy to ensure the children’s health. Fresh orange juice 160ml of …

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Mistakes in porridge preparation for children

Some moms’ mistakes in preparing porridge for children may inadvertently have negative impact on nutrient absorption of children. Children may lack some certain substances and even become malnourished if mistakes have not been recognized and eliminated. 1. Use bone broth to cook porridge   This seems quite common mistakes. Many …

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Natural Pain Relief Options For A Labor

Natural Pain Relief Options For A Labor

Some pregnant women freak out after having seen scary birth DVDs during prenatal classes or perhaps it’s just the usual run of the mill of horror stories which most pregnant women (and their partners) are subjected to these days. Here are some natural methods of pain relief during labour that …

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Treatments for airway obstruction in children


Airway obstruction is an accident that many young children meet. In some cases, it led to unfortunate consequences for children because their parents do not know how to handle in time. If a child get a blocked airway, emergency treatment is usually necessary. The most common symptoms of clogged airways: …

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Infants can die due to inaccurate method of tongue cleaning

baby’s tongue

Cleaning baby tongue with honey is popular experience transmitted orally through many generations. Some mothers supposed that honey is not only good for the body but also very effective in cleaning the infant tongue. Not as well as spoken, using honey in cleaning tongue can cause baby death. Honey can …

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Top foods for immunity system improvement


Does a minor change in weather pull your little child down? Here are 5 top foods to develop a strong immune system for your little baby: Yogurt Probiotics in yogurt are very good bacteria for our healthy. They help the digestive system work well and help the body effectively against …

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