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Six foods that kill belly fat more quickly

If you want to lose weight and belly fat off, use regularly the foods below. Ginger Ginger has ability to burn fat. Shogaol and gingerol in ginger help to produce heat in large, rapidly accelerate fat decomposition process, and inhibit fat formation. Gingerol substances help increase the pH in the …

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Cloth menstrual pad – a wrong choice?

germs might be left inside the cloth pads and attack vaginal

After sanitary pads are found to be contaminated with dioxin, cloth menstrual pads become a good replacement. However, are the cloth ones really good choices? Cloth menstrual pads have similar shape with the commonly used ones. The difference lies in materials, either silk, cotton or hemp. It is also advertised …

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Five best foods to become a perfect woman

A cup of warm water

Almost all women want to be beautiful and healthy. A wise woman is sure to choose one five best foods to become perfect day by day. It is easy to explain. Instead of spending so much time, money and energy, women lose nothing to be more beautiful with these five …

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Tips to help pregnant woman give stress away

some useful tips to give stress away in order to make pregnancy a wonderful experience

Because stress is common in pregnant process, women should know some useful tips to give stress away in order to make pregnancy a wonderful experience. Go for a walk Going for a walk is a good way to avoid stress. It is advisable to do this with your husband. While …

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Reasons why woman should make love

make love

Do you know that lovemaking can bring about many benefits? If not, this article of reasons why women should make love is waiting for you to discover. It is a good way to recover from busy life with many tasks to do like job, raising children, taking care of family, …

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Five tips to make woman back in shape after giving birth

back in shape after giving birth

Woman’s body changes much on pregnant process and after giving birth, that is why they should equip themselves with these five tips to help woman back in shape. Have suitable dietary It is important to provide yourself with enough nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and fiber. You should divide …

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How dangerous is varicella during pregnancy

varicella during pregnancy

Varicella during pregnancy is truly dangerous. It can cause complication, both for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Understanding of chickenpox would be helpful for the prevention and effective treatment. Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease. It occurs mostly in children, less common in adults, but for pregnant women, …

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