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Top food are extremely harmful to children under one year

Many foods are nutritious to children under one year old but some foods could be harmful to the child’s immature body.

Cow milk, soy milk

Cow milk, soy milk

Why should you avoid?
– Not meet iron requirements such as those in breast milk and formula milk
– Can cause intestinal bleeding
– Be too much protein and unnecessary minerals, harmful to children’s kidneys
Advice: Use cow’s milk or soy milk when children are over one year old.
Alternative: Breast milk or formula supplemented with iron



Why should you avoid?
– High sugar content
– Much caffeine
Advice: keep chocolate out of reach of children under one year
Alternative: sweet fruits such as bananas, apples, papaya, etc. These fruits will satisfy the sweet cravings of the baby.

Grains (beans, peas, nuts, almonds, peanuts, etc.)


Why should you avoid?
– High risk of choking
– High percentage of children under one year old allergic to nuts
Advice: When your baby is one year old, children can be feed the nuts in careful way, slowly and in small amounts. Grains can also be grinded to avoid choking.
Alternative: milk – it contains all the energy and nutrients in nuts

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

Why should you avoid?
– High acid content, easy to irritate the child’s stomach
– May cause diaper rash, lips rash, mouth rash
Advice: the best thing is to wait until the age of one to feed children this fruit.
Alternative: the sweet fruits such as melon, mango, banana, etc. (when the child was six months old)

Some types of eggs


Why should you avoid?
Cause abdominal pain, rash around the mouth, difficulty breathing, etc.
– Children under 6 months should not eat eggs.
– Children aged 6-12 months eat boiled egg yolks or cooked egg yolks.

Processed foods (sausage, pate, canned foods, snacks, etc.)

Processed foods

Why should you avoid?
– Extremely high salt content
– Can cause damage to the internal organs in the baby body, especially the livers, kidneys.
Advice: Even if the child is over the age of one, children should eat these dishes as little as possible because they are not good for the health of the babies, even for adults.
Alternative: Six-months-children should become familiar with the raw food prepared at home.

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