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The warning signs that your child was seriously unwell

There are serious signs of child illness that mothers do not know or ignore. It is extremely dangerous because it can affect the child’s life. Which are the signs?

If the baby is wailing endlessly

baby is wailing endlessly

Crying is a normal phenomenon in children and many mothers think that it does not seem a big problem. However, if the child suddenly cried with pale face and his mother can not stop him, he could have extremely dangerous problems in the body.

If the child has got a fever over 39 degrees

baby fever

For children less than 2 years old, a fever above 39 degrees is considered a high fever and it can lead to seizures if not handled timely. The cause may be bacteria, virus attack, teething fever, infection fever. In particular, fever over 39 degrees is easy to influence the lives of children under 3 months, so when seeing the signs of high fever, mothers should quickly give fever medication and go to a doctor if fever can not be reduced.

If the child has unusual rash

child unusual rash

If children had a fever accompanied by abnormalities in the body such as hives, rash, bruising, hard head, headache, they could suffer from diseases related to measles, rubella, meningitis. Mothers should contact the doctor immediately.

If strange spots appear on baby skin

These might be the red, brown or indigo moles, spin pitches rashes or tiny spots that do not disappear when pressed on the skin.

In addition, when seeing large rashes, slightly swollen and itchy status accompanied by lip swelling and wheezing, mothers should contact the doctor to find the cause and treatment.

If the child has got a serious stomachache

child stomachache

When seeing the children complains of pain, mothers should ask them jumping up and down to observe symptoms. If the pain are becoming more serious, children seem to suffer from appendicitis. If these are erratic pains, it can be an intussusception.

Generally, if children complain of pain, mothers should take their children to hospital for diagnosis and timely treatment.

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