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5-year-old baby suffering from lung cancer by a dumpfounded cause

Doctors concluded that a boy had gotten a lung cancer at last stage so that all members of the family devastated, especially his grandparents. This bad news was announced to the family of this little Chinese just after he was rushed to hospital emergency by his grandparents in the state …

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The Nations with highest rate of school suicide

According to data from the World Health Organization, there are about 3,000 young people who die from suicide every day. The highest suicide rates belong to the countries of Asia. South Korea: The increasing rate In South Korea, 14 160 people had come to death in 2012, which is equivalent …

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Position of acne on your face may warn you about your health

It is common that acne is related to hormone or polluted environment. However, it is not just that. From the position of acne, you can know clearly about your current health condition. You should take care of your health if red spots appear in 12 following positions. Forehead Acne on …

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Nearly lost two-month-old son due to the milk formula

Due to lack of knowledge when making the milk formula for infant, the mother in the story almost lost the two-month-old baby. This should be a valuable experience for all mothers, especially those who give birth for the first time. In early 2016, many newspapers published news about a regrettable …

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Ten amazing things about our body when sleeping


While you are sleeping, your body is doing many “odd” things that you are beyond your imagination. It is time to discover what these ten things are. Body temperature reduces When you start to go to bed, your body temperature begins to decrease. At half past two a.m., the temperature …

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Most toxic foods worldwide

Monkey brain

If you love travelling and discovering traditional foods of the lands that you pass, you should take fundamental notes of nine most toxic foods in the world. Globefish (Fugu Blowfish) Japanese uses globefish to cook many delicious dishes like sashimi, fried globefish, etc. However, you should make sure that the …

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