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Unexpected method of losing belly fat of a Japanese doctor

Belly is the most difficult part on the body to reduce abdominal fat. However, there is now a very simple way to help reducing belly fat. That is walking.

Most people want to lose weight but they choose miserable fasting methods, even spend a large expenses for the gym just to gain a slender body like the desired image.

Fat belly

Nowadays, there is a method which is extremely effective for weight loss without sufferings. The famous Japanese doctor Masashi Kawamura introduced a “three-day-walking method to compact belly”, indicating that just walk properly can easily reduce fat! Together we examine miraculous method below.

What is three-day-walking method to compact belly

The “three-day-walking method to compact belly” is actually quite easy to practice, you just need to walk while having sunken abdomen, then bulging abdomen, coordinated with breathing in and breathing out.

three-day-walking method

As you step right up, you silently count one, while having sunken abdomen. Next step on left foot, silently count two, and relaxed to bulge abdomen.

Weight loss methods have proven effective

You may have many doubts whether this approach is effective or not. But Doctor Masashi Kawamura has tested it himself. He not only lost ten kilograms in three months, but his waist also was down about 17cm. Moreover, the weight was not gained back after three years.

Weight loss methods have proven effective

You also must remember to puff up when walking. If you hump down, the method would be counterproductive, which is not only reducing needed caloric consumption but also creating a burden for the waist and back.

Your bellies often accumulate a thick layer of fat because you did not know how to use and exercise abdominal muscle properly.

Weight loss methods have proven effective

Therefore after just learning to walk while practicing sunken belly and bulging belly, you should keep a regular habit and you will not only feel smaller waistline but even your gait becomes more beautiful. Furthermore, breathing – walking combination is good for the intestine so that it will cure constipation.

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