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Signs that infant is definitely a “special” child

Is your child a smart baby? You do not have to wait for his school age. A newborn baby has his/her own signs to “unveil” the parents know he is a special child. Infants that express these following signs are definitely intelligent babies.

intelligent baby

Love being in the mother pocket

This will help him adjust breathing and heartbeat. Mother will stimulate the creativity of children. However, there are many mothers who choose to separate babies from their visions in order that they can stand on their own feet without knowing that children loving to be close to mothers are intelligent ones.

Standard weight

Standard weight baby

The children in the womb have been adequate care, so at their births, their brains must also achieve good development milestones. The standard-weight babies must have quickly felt comfortable, relaxed. Though intelligent children are usually bigger, heavier, but not all the same.

Stooling after feeding

Despite somewhat crude, experts say a baby goes shitting just after feeding satisfied a sign of intelligence. It’s weird, isn’t it?

Diverse expressive babies

smart baby

They are upset, happy or distressed, smiling, grimacing, crying, squirming, grumpy, etc. only because they desire breastfeeding and more breastfeeding, they will not stop if not being satisfied their thirst for milk. It means that your kid brain development is very good!

Early smile and laughing much

Typically, babies smile at the baby’s first months, although some may have to wait until the 4th month. Early laughing is a sign of the earlier complicated development of brain. Normally, these babies will become a vivacious, mercurial ones.

Soon hot, soon cold

Smart kids always love to learn and receive new information and also are quickly tired of the same information repeated daily. If your baby are “soon hot soon cold” with toys, they are in high need of learning, exploring, searching.

Keen senses

cute baby

Babies quickly locate mother breast and they are breast-feed at right place from the first feeding, distinguish the smell of mother breast milk and other milk, love to look at bright colored objects or rapidly response to the impact of outside, etc. which are signs that the babies are sensitive and intelligent.

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