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How to drink without getting drunken

We have all been out for a few drinks and then regretted of having too much and making a fool of ourselves. Shall we refuse drinking in that case? It is a quite tough job. So, how to drink all night long without getting drunken? Maybe you can try the following ways.

Eat before drinking

Eat before drinking

An unwritten rule is “never drinking with an empty stomach”. Because ethanol is more easily absorbed by the body when your stomach has nothing and it will direct contact with the stomach membrane, causing stomach ulcers. Eating before drinking will help to slow down the time it takes the booze to make it to your brain. Eating also fills you up and prevents you from downing drinks in the interim.

Drink slowly

Drink wine slowly

To prevent getting drunk, you should drink slowly. When you drink slowly, it will reduce the speed of ethanol in penetrating into your body. Accordingly, the body gets more time and energy to fight the “attack” of alcohol.

Drink a lot of water

drinks wine

Remember to drink water before, between and after drinks. This will you to get rid of intoxication and keep your head from buzzing.

No mix up drinks

Mix up drinks with wine

Many people have the habit of drinking beer together with alcohol. However, this is a deadly habit. This will make you get drunk faster because the additives and other substances in alcohol and beer will “fight again each other”. Sometimes it is even dangerous to life.

Say no to carbonated beverages

carbonated beverages

You should never drink alcohol with carbonated beverages because bubbling reaction will speed up alcohol entering the bloodstream.

Avoid pairing sugary drink with your alcohol

You should avoid having sugary drink with alcohol because it might just give a spike to your blood-sugar levels and can easily give the feeling of being “drunken”.

 no to alcohol
Although there are many tips that people are sharing, drinking alcohol by all means will affect negatively on your health. Therefore, try to limit and say no to alcohol are best solutions for all.

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