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Five tips to make woman back in shape after giving birth

Woman’s body changes much on pregnant process and after giving birth, that is why they should equip themselves with these five tips to help woman back in shape.

Have suitable dietary

It is important to provide yourself with enough nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and fiber. You should divide your meals into small dishes to avoid eating too full at one time. It is advisable to add green vegetables and fruits to your daily meal. Instead of frying or baking, you should boil or steam food in order to keep vitamins and reduce superabundant fat. Especially, you should give priority to poultry meat as it is not only good for your health, but it also helps you to control your weight.

Provide body with enough water

Water is good for health and beauty. Water is especially great method to increase lac feminnum amount for your baby. Therefore, you need to drink at least two litters of water a day. Sometimes you can replace water by fruit juices such as apple juice, grape fruit juice or cucumber juice, etc. In addition, you had better say no to bottled water if you do not want to destroy your health and put on weight

Breastfeed your baby as soon as possible

Breastfeeding has great influence on your baby as it helps to grow baby’s physical and mental health. Moreover, it helps to increase your chest size and helps you to stay in shape.

Do easy exercise

After giving birth to your baby, you are easy to put on weight. For this reason, you should take some easy exercise in order to control your weight. However, the best time to start is after six months when your health recovers from childbirth. It is better to choose exercises that focus on the abdominal. Going for a walk and massaging are ideal suggestion.

back in shape after giving birth

Use ways to reduce abdominal fat

There are two common ways to reduce abdominal fat. First is to massage by mixing alcohol between ginger and turmeric. The left way is to apply hot salt compress to the abdominal.

Here are some easy and effective tips for you to be in shape. Take time to apply and enjoy the great result.

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