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Seven things to know about men’s sexual health

Sexual life can exactly tell man about his health. That is why man should equip himself with seven things about his sexual health following in order to live healthy.

Relationship between sexual activity and sleep

Men often find it easy to fall asleep after they reach their ecstasy. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that hormone prolactin is produced in order to create tiredness. The left reason is that having sexual activity makes muscles tired. Men have much more muscles than women do have; therefore, they are easy to sleep well after ecstasy.

Erratic desire

Every month, while women have change in psychophysiology caused by menstruation, men also have change in hormone testosterone that leads to their erratic desire.

Overall health and penis

sexual health

When a man is not interested in sex, he is sure to have health problem. It is because his circulatory organs have function to transfer blood to his brain, heart, reins and even his penis in order to make it erect. That is why penis can tell a man about his overall health.

Not good sleep causes erect function disorder

Not good sleep may lead to physiologic disturbance. In other words, if a man has sleep disorder, he will have erect function disorder.

Bad influence from bicycle

Bicycle is an environmentally friendly means of transport. However, it is not good for man. Even riding a bicycle does not make man childless; it causes harmful effects on testicular, ability of producing spermatozoa and erectile problems. It is advisable to have a productive pad inside whenever you ride a bicycle. Moreover, you should choose suitable sitting posture in order to let your groin area relaxing.

Varicocele can lead to childless

Most of childless problems are caused by varicocele. Therefore, man is recommended to have suitable and nutritious dietary, do exercises regularly and avoid stress.

“Experience” is much more important than “size”

In fact, size of penis just plays a very little role in helping man reach his ecstasy. The key to decide men strength is “experience”.

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