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Diarrhea in children can lead to death because of these three mistakes

Diarrhea is common in young children due to weak intestine. The improper childcare will harm to the health or even death.

Rehydrate in wrong way

Principles for the diarrhea treatment are to rehydrate. When getting a diarrhea, children bodies are dehydrating. The severe water shortages can lead to death. So many mothers try to compensate water as much as possible for children with oresol. However, instead of using oresol in accordance with preparation instructions on the package, the fact that some mothers prepare oresol too dilute or too specific will makes children susceptible to salt poisoning and leads to convulsions, even death.

Strict abstinence

Diarrhea in children

Mothers suppose that it is necessary to abstain foods, especially seafood and to give white porridge to children with diarrhea. Moreover, some parents are afraid of abdominal pain and abstain nutritious foods such as yogurt, cheese, cream, meat, etc. It makes babies vulnerable to deficiency, low resistance and makes the situation more and more severe.

Give children diarrhea medicine

Many mothers immediately give children with diarrhea antibiotics to stop the disease. However, this job is more dangerous than mothers thought. When getting diarrhea, the child may catch a nervous inhibit, oversleeping, intestinal distention. Even the status of diarrhea can last for longer with medicament. So the use of any drugs for diarrhea should be under the guidance of doctors.

How to deal with diarrhea in children

– If getting mild diarrhea, parents should let children drink plenty of boiled carrot water or coconut water (with little salt) in 1-2 days. Children can drink 1-2 coconut, mothers should choose for the baby early coconuts.
– Offer more dilute soft foods, plenty of water and easily digestible.
– Still feed children nutritious foods like seafood, meat, dairy products (particularly infant formula).
– After 2 days, if using these ways, children’s disease is still severe and is not reduced and they have signs of anorexia and endless cry, mothers should contact a doctor immediately.

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