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Some good to know about Dengue

Dengue is very popular among children in summer when the weather is very hot. Therefore, all parents need to be very careful during this season and there are something that you should know to protect your children.

What is dengue?

Dengue is a kind of contagious diseases caused by culex. Children from 3 to 10 are the main victims of culex as they still have weak resistance.


What are symptoms of dengue?

  1. Dengue is often clearly shown with some symptoms.
  2. The first symptom is the high fever up to 39 Celsius degree.
  3. Fever can appear all day without any signal of flu like cough or sneezing.
  4. Then red spots appear mostly on face and body. Patient can feel nauseous.
  5. Sometimes black blood appears when they make defecation. Patient will feel extremely pain in their right side and fatigue from 3rd to 5th day of dengue disease.

Dengue - red spots appear mostly on face and body

How to treat dengue

At home

Once you explored above symptoms, adults should react as soon as possible. You can use paracetamol to cut down fever with the appropriate amount based on the child’s weight. Use this medicine every 4 to 6 hours if there is continuous fever.

Take patient to the hospital immediately if there are some serous symptoms like stomach ache or epistaxis.

Important notes

  1. Keep patient in cool and dry place.
  2. Check body temperature of patient every 30 minutes.
  3. Use warm water to keep patient’s body cool.
  4. Provide them with enough water (especially orange juice and oresol solution).
  5. Say no with aspirin as it can make the disease worse
  6. Provide patient with some food which is easy to swallow and organize meals into many small dishes

mommy baby

What to do to prevent dengue

  1. Always use curtain used while sleeping.
  2. Keep house and rooms clean and airy.
  3. Fully cover all equipment used to store water.

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