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Be careful with baby first haircuts

It might be concepts that infant haircuts will help lock grow faster and thicker, but baby first hair plays a great role in protecting immaturity fontanel and warming baby heads. Then a child’s first haircut is an important event for many parents, you should pay special attention to the following issues.

Infant first hair

This first hair was available on the baby scalp right at birth. It was formed during pregnancy.
This hair has the functions of protecting immaturity fontanel, moisturizing the head and it will fall gradually to prepare for a period of real hair growing later.
Infant scalp is very thin. If parents are not careful to haircuts, it will lead to the risk of scratching the head skin, which causes the skin infections.

baby first haircuts

New hair will grow thicker and faster after cutting first hair.

This is not entirely true. Since hair grows from hair follicles under the scalp, so any interventions on the scalp will not affect its development. According to medical research, no matter how infant hair is thick or thin, black or blond, curly or straight, which totally depends on genetic factors.

Babies need a first haircut

According to a medical perspective, the kid first bangs is unsafe job. Over one year of age, the child’s fontanel begins to be tighter, it’s time for safety first haircut. If you conducted this job earlier, the barber movements can hurt your baby scalp. On the other hand, when the fontanel is not very close, the hair thinning will disappear gradually the function of keeping fontanel warm.

Notes for the baby first haircut

– Do not cut the hair when babies are not enough 5 month olds.
– Do not cut the hair when babies are feeling sick, tired or irritated.
– Try to finish haircuts as quickly as possible.
– Conduct haircuts when babies are awake and feel comfortable
– After completing the cuts, rinse hair with warm water to make babies clean and easygoing.

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