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Some very popular deadly diseases for men

Prostate Cancer

Most men seem very confident in their good health and pay no much attention to take care of their health. They are ready to join any parties and ignore the harms to their health. As a result, deadly diseases will come close to them. Heart disease Heart disease is the …

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7 main causes of osteoporosis in men


Bones are at their thickest and strongest in your early adult life and their density increases until your late 20s. But you gradually start losing bone density from around the age of 35. The cause is also derived from a variety of factors, such as unhealthy living habits, hereditary, age, …

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Natural Pain Relief Options For A Labor

Natural Pain Relief Options For A Labor

Some pregnant women freak out after having seen scary birth DVDs during prenatal classes or perhaps it’s just the usual run of the mill of horror stories which most pregnant women (and their partners) are subjected to these days. Here are some natural methods of pain relief during labour that …

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Treatments for airway obstruction in children


Airway obstruction is an accident that many young children meet. In some cases, it led to unfortunate consequences for children because their parents do not know how to handle in time. If a child get a blocked airway, emergency treatment is usually necessary. The most common symptoms of clogged airways: …

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Infants can die due to inaccurate method of tongue cleaning

baby’s tongue

Cleaning baby tongue with honey is popular experience transmitted orally through many generations. Some mothers supposed that honey is not only good for the body but also very effective in cleaning the infant tongue. Not as well as spoken, using honey in cleaning tongue can cause baby death. Honey can …

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How to do an eye massage

If you work on the computer or any other technological devices for an extended period of time, you probably find that your eyes get tired before the day is done. Consequently, visual acuity will decline rapidly and eye puffiness also will appear. Here are 6 steps for a very simple …

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Wear condoms to delay ejaculation and prolong sex excitement


Many men consider lasting longer during intercourse as a sign of their sexual prowess. However, how long will you last? Some men rely on medications and supplements to help them hold it longer. Another best way that you can do to help delay ejaculation and prolong sex excitement is to …

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Secrets about sperms


Sperms are different from seed, sperms can live seven days and sperms are weird militants, a drop of seed contains only five percent of sperms, etc. Those are among secrets about sperms. There are many other secrets are waiting for us, especially men to discover. Sperms can live in amazing …

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Top foods for immunity system improvement


Does a minor change in weather pull your little child down? Here are 5 top foods to develop a strong immune system for your little baby: Yogurt Probiotics in yogurt are very good bacteria for our healthy. They help the digestive system work well and help the body effectively against …

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