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Seven things to know about men’s sexual health

sexual health

Sexual life can exactly tell man about his health. That is why man should equip himself with seven things about his sexual health following in order to live healthy. Relationship between sexual activity and sleep Men often find it easy to fall asleep after they reach their ecstasy. There are …

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Teatox – a new trend to detox

Lemongrass ginger tea

It is no doubt about the benefits for health and beauty of detox water, yet not everyone can apply this method. The reason is that you have to drink water and just water for a whole day. Consequently, some might easily get gastric problems, even exhausted and fainting. In that …

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Cloth menstrual pad – a wrong choice?

germs might be left inside the cloth pads and attack vaginal

After sanitary pads are found to be contaminated with dioxin, cloth menstrual pads become a good replacement. However, are the cloth ones really good choices? Cloth menstrual pads have similar shape with the commonly used ones. The difference lies in materials, either silk, cotton or hemp. It is also advertised …

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Nine good habits for healthy body

Do exercise

It is time to practice nine good habits in order to be healthy each day. Do you wonder why nine following habits are good? You should find answer on your own by reading this article. You will soon realize that sometimes some very simple habit can bring about great benefit. …

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Foods lead to early puberty

children who eat fast food more than 2 times/week have a higher risk of early puberty 2.5 times

Puberty seems increasingly pushed earlier on for many reasons such as habit, habitat, and especially little things to get into children bodies. Eat or drink so much nutritious Many parents love their children, so they want to give children the best things or the baby should eat more nutritious foods. …

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Harmful effects of stress on men

stress on men

Like women, men are also suffered from stress. However, men intend to be lead to more serious effects than women do. Therefore, it is advisable for men to know about these harmful effects in order to avoid stress. Get addicted Even men are easy to be stress; they do not …

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Foods that damage your teeth

Dried fruit has become popular snacks, but they are very high in sugar and easily get stuck between your teeth

There are a number of reasons for unhealthy teeth, namely genetics, improper care or bad dental habits. Another main cause that might make your teeth lost earlier is food. Here are some top foods that damage your teeth. Dried fruit Dried fruit has become popular snacks, but they are very …

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Treatments for airway obstruction in children


Airway obstruction is an accident that many young children meet. In some cases, it led to unfortunate consequences for children because their parents do not know how to handle in time. If a child get a blocked airway, emergency treatment is usually necessary. The most common symptoms of clogged airways: …

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Five best foods to become a perfect woman

A cup of warm water

Almost all women want to be beautiful and healthy. A wise woman is sure to choose one five best foods to become perfect day by day. It is easy to explain. Instead of spending so much time, money and energy, women lose nothing to be more beautiful with these five …

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