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Wean off cigarettes by foods and beverages


It is amazing that you can quite wean off cigarettes by foods and beverages that are easy to find around your kitchen. Let us discover what they are. Salt Whenever you have a powerful desire for cigarettes, you put a little salt on your tongue. Then your appetite will be …

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Harmful effects of stress on men

stress on men

Like women, men are also suffered from stress. However, men intend to be lead to more serious effects than women do. Therefore, it is advisable for men to know about these harmful effects in order to avoid stress. Get addicted Even men are easy to be stress; they do not …

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Some good to know about prostate cancer among men

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

It is high time for men to equip themselves with some good to know about prostate cancer. It is because prostate cancer strong influence on men’s sexual health. Prostate cancer (also known as carcinoma of the prostate) is a kind of fibroid tumors. Almost all of middle age men are main victims …

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Stress among men

Stress among men

Men and women have quite different way to show that they are in stress. However, men in stress can cause more serous effects than women do. That is why people should acknowledge stress among men in order to find right way to overcome this difficult time. Men often see themselves …

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Who should say “no” with garlic?

Garlic is known as a versatile herb and a necessary spice

Garlic is known as a versatile herb and a necessary spice in many dishes. It is very helpful for some certain disease treatment. Even healthy people are also advised to take garlic regularly to prevent infection. However, please be careful to consume this super healthy ingredient if you are in …

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Good tips to keep mosquitos away

The good time for mosquitos approach victims is at nightfall or at dawn

Mosquitos are intermediate that cause some serious diseases like dengue, malaria. They are also the main object to pass Zika virus. Termination of mosquitos has appeared to be the most effective way to prevent epidemic diseases spreading out. And natural methods to remove mosquitos always come first on Google search …

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Foods lead to early puberty

children who eat fast food more than 2 times/week have a higher risk of early puberty 2.5 times

Puberty seems increasingly pushed earlier on for many reasons such as habit, habitat, and especially little things to get into children bodies. Eat or drink so much nutritious Many parents love their children, so they want to give children the best things or the baby should eat more nutritious foods. …

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Nine good habits for healthy body

Do exercise

It is time to practice nine good habits in order to be healthy each day. Do you wonder why nine following habits are good? You should find answer on your own by reading this article. You will soon realize that sometimes some very simple habit can bring about great benefit. …

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Warning bath situations that can cause sudden death


Recently, lots of stories about sudden death due to the wrong bathing make people startled. Seen from the above heartbreaking stories, we get together to share bath situations that can cause sudden death. Using air-conditioner immediately after bathing The sudden drop in temperature immediately after a bath will adversely affect …

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