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Harmful effects of stress on men

Like women, men are also suffered from stress. However, men intend to be lead to more serious effects than women do. Therefore, it is advisable for men to know about these harmful effects in order to avoid stress.

Get addicted

Even men are easy to be stress; they do not want to accept this fact. They try to escape from stress by some negative ways like getting addicted to alcohol, drug and sex.

Harm physical health

There is a tight relationship between mental and physical health. When men are in stress, they try to disavowal it. That is why they get some symptoms of bad physical health like headache, stomached, losing weight, etc.

Disturb sleep

Stress makes it difficult to control men’s sleep. He can be sleepless or over sleep, however, the common result is continual tiredness.

Be exhausted

A man feels angry, uncomfortable and even aggressive. He is so exhausted that he cannot concentrate on working. He finds it difficult to recover. More seriously, he tends to find someone around him to release his anger.

stress on men

Break relationship

Stress makes men unable to accept any more conflict or disagreement. Therefore, he tends to violent activities and breaks his relationship with people he loves. Middle-age men are easy to get crisis that make them give up everything and make incorrect decision. They even change their lifestyles.

Cause anxiety

When a man is in stress, he is in anxious condition too. Instead of focusing on present time, he worries about future, he is tormented of past. At last, he loses his confident.

Lead to disorder of sexual life

Some men can spend most of their time to make love in order to get his feeling of strength back. Other men lose his confident to be true men because of being stress.
It is time for men to know that they can be stressed as normal people. Stress may be considered as a difficult time of life. The results of negative responses to stress are magnificent. That is why they should find a positive ways to avoid and overcome stress instead by letting themselves to negative way.

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