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Warning bath situations that can cause sudden death

Recently, lots of stories about sudden death due to the wrong bathing make people startled. Seen from the above heartbreaking stories, we get together to share bath situations that can cause sudden death.

Using air-conditioner immediately after bathing


The sudden drop in temperature immediately after a bath will adversely affect blood circulation in the body, cause slow move of blood to the brain, impact on our heartbeat and blood pressure.

Bathing when the body is fatigue

Normally, we often think that bathing will help our body more refreshed when tired. This is completely wrong because when tired, ability of blood circulation plummeted. Bathing, especially a cold shower can make you more tired, cold, shocked, unconscious and even suddenly die.

Bathing with low blood pressure

When we have a low blood pressure, our body temperature is low, many of us choose a hot bath to warm the body. This is extremely dangerous because the water temperature is higher than body temperature which can cause sudden shock, dilate blood vessels, lead to untimely blood supply to parts of the body, lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and even death.

Bathing after drinking alcohol


Alcohol contains stimulants, so it is easy to inhibit the activity of the liver and to consume a large amount of glucose in the body. Shower immediately after drinking alcohol can cause that blood sugar is not added in time, blood vessels are shrunk which leads to cold. Moreover, it can cause blood vessel rupture and effect adversely our lives.

Bathing while getting a fever

When the body temperature is 38°C or higher, heat consumption will increase by about 20%. Meanwhile, if we shower, we will be very easy to catch a cold. Additionally, it also can lead to stroke and impact severely to the life.

Bathing while being so hungry

Hunger occurs when blood sugar levels are lower. The more we are hungry, the higher sugar shortage is. If bathing at this time, our body will not have enough energy consumption needed. It leads to vertigo, dizziness, fainting, and even stroke.

Bathing at night

Bathing, even using hot water still cause harms. It makes the strong static dilate, blood pressure decreased. In particular, people who suffer low blood pressure, unstable blood pressure can get a serious ischemic phenomenon which leads to unconsciousness, coma, even death.

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