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Foods lead to early puberty

Puberty seems increasingly pushed earlier on for many reasons such as habit, habitat, and especially little things to get into children bodies.

Eat or drink so much nutritious

Children eat

Many parents love their children, so they want to give children the best things or the baby should eat more nutritious foods. They also add the tonic syrup, functional foods or oriental medicines to help their baby health and growth, etc. However, experts said that the arbitrary use of nutritious foods will change the endocrine environment of the body. It causes imbalances and early puberty.

Daily foods

children foods

These foods can also be the cause. A number of farmers are now running after profits, so they use toxic chemicals, gain weight medications in their breeding. Fish, pork, vegetables, especially off-season fruits and vegetables, they often develop with the help of stimulant and preservatives chemicals

Food processing

It can again add to the impact of this situation. For example, cooking fried food (chicken, fries, etc.) usually makes up the excess fat which is not only easy to cause obesity but also body disruption. Fried in used cooking oil is especially dangerous. Research shows that children who eat fast food more than 2 times/week have a higher risk of early puberty 2.5 times compared with children who eat normally.

 children who eat fast food

Fried foods often have link with carbonated drinks and sweet beverage. According to the study authors, these juices which contain high glycemic index sugar can increases the concentration insulin levels in the body. It can be associated with increased levels of sex hormones and causes early puberty. Although this research is still controversial, but in general, reducing the use of this beverage is the best thing to do.

In fact, parents should limit the sweet drinks, fast food. They should try to choose the prestige supplier of food ingredients, or if possible, with their children, they plant together a vegetable garden at home in order to live friendly environmentally and eat properly. Parents should encourage their children to do exercise to perfect their physical and intellectual development.

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