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Who should say “no” with garlic?

Garlic is known as a versatile herb and a necessary spice in many dishes. It is very helpful for some certain disease treatment. Even healthy people are also advised to take garlic regularly to prevent infection. However, please be careful to consume this super healthy ingredient if you are in those types of people.

Garlic is known as a versatile herb and a necessary spice

1. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women

Garlic is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding women If it is taken in normal amounts. However, garlic is recommended not to be consumed so much as it can make milk smell.

2. Hepatopathy patients

Hepatopathy patients

Many believe that garlic is an antibacterial and antiviral food, so they want to eat garlic to prevent many diseases, including hepatitis. But for those who already have hepatitis, it was advised not to use garlic. Because some substances in garlic may stimulate the stomach and intestines, affecting the digestion of food. This can aggravate many symptoms for the hepatitis patients, such as nausea.

3. People with eye disease

People with eye disease

It is recorded in many old books that people should avoid using garlic in a long time because it can hurt liver and damage eyes. Therefore, patients with eye diseases, sspecially those with poor and weak physical condition, should try not to eat garlic. It can also cause hypopsia, tinnitus, front heaviness, memory loss, etc.

4. Patients before surgery

Patients before surgery

Those who have to to undergo a surgery should stop eating garlic at least 2 weeks before going to surgery. The reason is that some elements in garlic can prolong bleeding.

5. Patients with bacterial diarrhea

Patients with bacterial diarrhea

Patients with diarrhea should not eat raw garlic because the spicy flavor of the garlic may stimulate the intestinal tract, which may cause intestinal mucosal hyperemia and edema aggravation, leading to deterioration of the diseases.

If you are in one of these types of people, stop eating garlic, because it can be bad for your health.

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