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7 great uses of Carrot to help you more beautiful

Carrot is not only popular but also pretty cheap. Carrot is rich in vitamin A that helps you enhance your vision. Besides, it can be used to protect your skin, make your hair thicker, treat acne, lose weight, etc. This article will help you discover great uses of carrot. Treat …

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Seven things to know about men’s sexual health

sexual health

Sexual life can exactly tell man about his health. That is why man should equip himself with seven things about his sexual health following in order to live healthy. Relationship between sexual activity and sleep Men often find it easy to fall asleep after they reach their ecstasy. There are …

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Six foods that kill belly fat more quickly

If you want to lose weight and belly fat off, use regularly the foods below. Ginger Ginger has ability to burn fat. Shogaol and gingerol in ginger help to produce heat in large, rapidly accelerate fat decomposition process, and inhibit fat formation. Gingerol substances help increase the pH in the …

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Some good to know about Dengue

Dengue is very popular among children in summer when the weather is very hot. Therefore, all parents need to be very careful during this season and there are something that you should know to protect your children. What is dengue? Dengue is a kind of contagious diseases caused by culex. …

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How to drink without getting drunken

Remember to drink water before, between and after drinks wine

We have all been out for a few drinks and then regretted of having too much and making a fool of ourselves. Shall we refuse drinking in that case? It is a quite tough job. So, how to drink all night long without getting drunken? Maybe you can try the …

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Avoid cancer by suitable dietary

Food from flora

It is amazing that you can quite avoid cancer by suitable dietary. Because of many reasons, cancer has been broadened its scale. There is good news that you are able to protect yourself from cancer by the foods you eat. Together we will discover what foods are. Food from flora …

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All parts of the carp used as drugs in traditional medicine

carps fish

Carp fish (or carps) are very popular among freshwater in many countries in the world. This kind of fish is very nutritious with 100 gram can bring 126 kcal along with lipid, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate, kali, etc. Carps are usually chosen by many housewives because of not only such rich …

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Bad breath causes and treatment

Bad breath

Bad breath is not a dangerous or fatal disease but it will somehow have a negative effect on your communication, work and social life. Particularly, those with severe bad breath are found to be unwilling, passive and embarrassed in communication. Some others even become depressed. What are the causes of …

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Four reasons to have breakfast


There are four reasons that you should have breakfast. Normally, you forget your breakfast because you are so busy. O in other way, you do not have breakfast because you want to lose weight, etc. Whatever you say, breakfast still is the most important meal of your daily meals. It …

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