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Infants can die due to inaccurate method of tongue cleaning

baby’s tongue

Cleaning baby tongue with honey is popular experience transmitted orally through many generations. Some mothers supposed that honey is not only good for the body but also very effective in cleaning the infant tongue. Not as well as spoken, using honey in cleaning tongue can cause baby death. Honey can …

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How to do an eye massage

If you work on the computer or any other technological devices for an extended period of time, you probably find that your eyes get tired before the day is done. Consequently, visual acuity will decline rapidly and eye puffiness also will appear. Here are 6 steps for a very simple …

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Wear condoms to delay ejaculation and prolong sex excitement


Many men consider lasting longer during intercourse as a sign of their sexual prowess. However, how long will you last? Some men rely on medications and supplements to help them hold it longer. Another best way that you can do to help delay ejaculation and prolong sex excitement is to …

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Secrets about sperms


Sperms are different from seed, sperms can live seven days and sperms are weird militants, a drop of seed contains only five percent of sperms, etc. Those are among secrets about sperms. There are many other secrets are waiting for us, especially men to discover. Sperms can live in amazing …

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Top foods for immunity system improvement


Does a minor change in weather pull your little child down? Here are 5 top foods to develop a strong immune system for your little baby: Yogurt Probiotics in yogurt are very good bacteria for our healthy. They help the digestive system work well and help the body effectively against …

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Mobile device overuse raises risk of strabismus in children

Experts said that with the development technology products, the percentage of children suffered from strabismus and myopia (commonly known as crossed-eyes and short-sightedness) has increased markedly. One day in early April, a five-year-old Chinese suddenly saw everything in the house in double vision after waking up, his mother was frightened …

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Signs that you are near to a cerebrovascular accident

Signs indicate that you are close to a stroke

Stroke can be divided into two category, light stroke and heavy stroke. However, both are able to make the lives of patients affected. In this article, we will discuss more about this disease and some signs that you need to be pay attention before a real cerebrovascular accident would come. …

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Six kinds of food help your skin fresh and strong

Food that is rich in vitamin C

It is true that your skin will be gradually aged; however, it is amazing that you can use these six kinds of food to make your skin fresh and strong from deep inside. Food that is rich in vitamin C Women who eat much food that is plentiful of vitamin …

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Signs that infant is definitely a “special” child

smart baby

Is your child a smart baby? You do not have to wait for his school age. A newborn baby has his/her own signs to “unveil” the parents know he is a special child. Infants that express these following signs are definitely intelligent babies. Love being in the mother pocket This …

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Five reasons to eat eggs


There are five reasons that you should immediately add eggs to your daily dietary. Eating eggs is a wonderful way to enhance your health. It is advisable to eat both egg yolk and glair because egg yolk contains up to ninety percent of calcium while glair contains nearly half of …

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