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Signs that you are near to a cerebrovascular accident

Stroke can be divided into two category, light stroke and heavy stroke. However, both are able to make the lives of patients affected. In this article, we will discuss more about this disease and some signs that you need to be pay attention before a real cerebrovascular accident would come.

Stroke can cause paralysis, coma and even death

Stroke can cause paralysis, coma and even death.

Stroke can lead to paralysis, coma, and death depending on the area of the affected brain and the severity of the injury. If you are aware of warning signs, it will help you prevent and avoid health damage promptly.

Signs indicate that you are close to a stroke

Close to a stroke

Suddenly severe headache, this symptom occurs in 50% of patients. Sudden dizzy, tinnitus, dizziness. A leg must be weak and unsteady. A hand can suddenly not hold any objects, easy to drop spoons, chopsticks and bowls. Picking up items back with difficulty.

Suddenly suffering a language disorder: Speaking difficultly, lisping, people do not understand what the patient says. This symptom can occur in just a few minutes, but can also last a full day before the serious event comes: the patient is no longer capable of speaking.

Patient feel suddenly as being needled or being stung by ants on the arms, legs, above part of the body. Intellectual disorders: Patients suddenly disorient for a few minutes or a few hours. Forgetting transiently, losing hearing transiently, losing space and time orientation. Suddenly they feel like flies before their eyes, losing of eyesight completely or partially, or both in a moment.

Foods may help protect against stroke

To prevent from stroke, it is necessary to obey a diet that helps a thin blood. Spices such as pepper, garlic, onion, ginger and peppercorn are being encouraged to use to help prevent from stroke.

Fruits which are rich in potassium, vitamin C such as bananas, oranges, grapefruit, etc. will help improve endothelial function, prevent the formation of venous thrombosis to protect body against stroke. Whole grains such as beans, almonds are able to effectively prevent the risk of stroke.

sesame oil, soybean oil, fish oil, mackerel, sardines,

Vegetables and fruits contain fiber, folic acid are recommended to use to prevent stroke such as cauliflower and dark green vegetables, etc. to lower cholesterol and increase blood circulation. Saturated fats such as sesame oil, soybean oil, fish oil, mackerel, sardines, etc. are effective in preventing blood clots.

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