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Secrets about sperms

Sperms are different from seed, sperms can live seven days and sperms are weird militants, a drop of seed contains only five percent of sperms, etc. Those are among secrets about sperms. There are many other secrets are waiting for us, especially men to discover.

Sperms can live in amazing time

Some people believe that sperms can live only three days. In fact, sperms are stronger than we know. They can lie until seven days. It is mucus in cervix of a woman decides living time of sperms.

Aid environment kills sperm



Acid environment on cervix kill almost all sperms. Until when woman is in menstruation, it is easier for sperm to live and finish its mission.

Deformity sperm are able to help to conceive

It is a fact that 90 percent of sperms are deformity. However, it is quite normal and these sperms can still finish its mission well. You should only be worry when sperms are lack of acrosome. In this case, sperms lose its ability to find its right way and even cannot cling to eggs.

ADN of sperm decides conceiving

It is amazing that sperms do not help to conceive. In fact, ADN of sperms plays key role to conceiving process.

Sperms produced first are strongest one


It is quite true that sperms produced first are strongest sperms. They have to fight intensely in order to find the strongest one to meet with eggs.

Quantity and quality of sperm are important most

It is not important to care whether seed is watery or solid. Because it is quantity and quality of sperms are what decide the ability to conceive. You can just know it by testing.

Hot temperature has bad effects on sperm


Sperms are just strong when they are in cervix. Outside temperature makes sperms tired and weak. Hot temperature can kill almost all sperms.

Appearance of a man does not decide the quality of his sperms

A man who is handsome and manly does not mean he can produce strong sperms. The fact can be contrast.

Sperms are weird militants

When sperms are exaggerated four hundred times, you can see its full appearance. In fact, they are very small and have weird images. However, they are really brave militants in fighting to meet with egg.

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