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The wrong ways to drink milk

If you drink milk in a wrong way, it will become a poisonous food that influences badly your health. Here are 06 common bad ways of drinking milk we should note.

Drink very condensed milk

Many people think that special milk will have more nutrients. However, this is not true. In special milk, the dairy concentrations exceeded the normal rate. Also there are some people suppose that fresh milk is not enough nutritious, so they add milk formula into fresh milk.

baby drink milk

If the child regularly drinks milk too thick, it will cause abdominal pain, constipation, anorexia or even food refuse and hemorrhagic enteritis. It could be explained that the child’s internal organs are soft, they will not bear too heavy burden and pressure.

Do not drink too much milk

The human body only absorbs a suitable amount of milk. Adults should only use 200 ml of milk per time. Children should use less amounts than those of adults.

Boiled milk should not be contained in the thermos

When boiled, the temperature of milk is very high. If pouring it into thermos, milk is susceptible to deterioration; after 3-4 hours, milk is becoming sour (bacteria in milk produce a generation every twenty minutes). Drinking this milk can cause stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, boiling milk should be used immediately and should not be stored in a thermos.

Put sugar into milk after boiling

If you add sugar in milk before boiling, its components will react to form toxic substances. If you want to use sweeten milk, you wait for milk getting cold and then put sugar into it.

Do not drink milk with fruit juice

Fruit juice contains compounds that are sour. When protein components in milk meet sour substance, it will precipitate and harm to digestion.

Better to cook milk indirectly and not too long

Direct heat can cause the condensation of the proteins in cow’s milk. Overcooking will make calcium phosphate in milk transfer from acidic property to neutral property and then precipitated. Lactose will be resolve lactic acid and formic acid, thereby the nutrients in milk will be reduced both in color, aroma and taste.

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