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Effective Ways for Infant’s Coughs

Coughing is a very popular phenomenon among infants and there are many reasons why babies cough. Usually the disease will quickly go away if babies are properly cared. The best way is to use normal saline for infants’ nasal irrigation before feeding, eating and sleeping.

Infant’s Coughs

Parents should not let their children cry much as it can cause coughing. Try to keep the children warm. Avoid smoking or using coal heaters indoors. Following lines are some effective ways to remove coughs for reference:

Using male papaya flowers

papaya flowers

Get about 10 male papaya flowers, wash and put in 1 small bowl with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Sugar might be mixed with a little hot water for melting before putting in bowl. Then place the bowl into the pot, steam for about 10 minutes. Feed the baby with 2 spoons of this liquid once per day. Keep your eye on the situation of children in case this solution might make children suffer from bloating or flatulence.

Use lemon seeds

lemon seeds

The way of processing lemon seeds for cough treatment is almost similar to the way of using male papaya flowers. What you have to do is to crush lemon seeds, mix with sugar and steam in a pot. Note that lemon seeds might be a bit bitter for children to drink more. Drink 3 to 4 times a day. Use one spoon for each time.

Use natural medicines

effective ways for infants coughs syrup or cajeput oil

If you cannot find male papaya flower or lemon seed, or find that the baby not only gets coughing but also fever or flu, it is advised to visit a doctor for prescription. The commonly used drugs such as syrup or cajeput oil are suggested if the situation is less severe. Try to avoid giving children drugs which contain tranquilizers, narcotic substances, anti-histamines or corticoid.

Infant cough is inevitable. Parents should take care of the baby carefully and no need to be so worried!

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