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Three golden methods to say goodbye to bad odor

Body’s bad odor, especially armpits’ bad odor not only makes you unconfident but it also makes people around you uncomfortable. It is time to apply one of three golden methods in order to say goodbye to bad smell.

bad odor

Do you wonder why your body smells? It is because of diseases, daily activities and foods. Some disease, taking too many activities or eating hot spicy foods make your body sweat. Much worse, that sweat creates uncomfortable smell, destroys your clothes and even causes some skin related diseases. Once again, there are three golden methods waiting you to discover.

Make your body cool and fresh

Use fan or air-condition to keep your body cool in hot weather. Provide your body with enough water, vegetable and fruits in order to make your body fresh. You can ask a doctor for an advice to control sweating.

Keep your body clean

It is very important to keep your body clean. Frequently wash your body. Change your clothes after taking too many activities or use deodorant products.

Use some natural ingredients

Here are some cheap and effective natural ingredients for you. First is lemon. Lemon is good to keep your armpit clean and lickerish. You cut out a lemon into two pieces and apply to your armpits. Wait about five to ten minutes then wash carefully. You can do this twice a week. Second is ginger. You pound a bulb of ginger and apply it to your armpit once every day. Final ingredient is alum. You comminute alum and apply it to your armpits once a day. Then you can do this twice a week.


The important thing to take note is that you should limit eating onion, garlic, spicy food, or fish as they can create smell for your body sweat.

Body’s bad odor causes bad effect on your health, and even makes you unconfident among crowd. In addition, it can make people around you uncomfortable and do not want to communicate with you. Stop worrying, stop spending too much money, and stop feeling of unconfident right now.

All you have to do is to read this article and to apply one of three amazing ways in order to be who you are.

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