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Position of acne on your face may warn you about your health

It is common that acne is related to hormone or polluted environment. However, it is not just that. From the position of acne, you can know clearly about your current health condition. You should take care of your health if red spots appear in 12 following positions.

acne on your face


Acne on forehead means you have problem with blood circle. At that time, you are probably suffered from stress or sleeplessness.
Advices: Drink or eat some thermal and sedative dishes. Try to relax.

Between two eyebrows

 acne on your face

If you see some red spots appear between the two eyebrows, you should pay attention to your livers. Your livers are in overworked condition.
Advices: Sleep enough, avoid over-working, and say no to alcohol beverages and spicy foods.


Your gallbladder is trying to alarm when you see acne on your temple. The gallbladder is tired of digesting high-fat food.
Advices: You should give priority to foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nasal bridge and lips

You must have problem with digestion if you get acne on nasal bridge. Acne appears on two sides of nasal bridge may warn you of reproductive system.
Advices: Reduce cold drinks, and eat more heat-relieving foods.


acne on your face

It is related to hormone if there is spot on your face before or after menstrual period. In this case, you do not need to feel worried. However, another case is that you have problems with reproductive system.
Advices: Say no to spicy foods, reduce sugar amount, and limit stimulating foods or drinks.


Spots on right cheek areas are the result of intestinal disorder or problem of lungs.
Advices: Eat easy-to-digest foods, use more fruit in your daily meals.
Spots on left cheek area are resulted by disorders of liver or gallbladder.
Advices: Divide your meal into small dishes, limit high-fat foods, say goodbye to alcoholic beverages.

Lower jaw

acne on your face

Your resistance or immune systems are in trouble when acnes appear on your lower jaw. It is high time for you to take more activities and provide your body with more vitamins and fruit juice.
Bottom and vagina
There is an inflammation or digesting disorder when you get spots on your bottom or vagina. You are advised to limit spicy foods and alcoholic beverages or cigarette.

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