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Natural Pain Relief Options For A Labor

Some pregnant women freak out after having seen scary birth DVDs during prenatal classes or perhaps it’s just the usual run of the mill of horror stories which most pregnant women (and their partners) are subjected to these days. Here are some natural methods of pain relief during labour that you may want to know.

Natural Pain Relief Options For A Labor

Eating pineapple in the 39th week of pregnancy

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is thought to help to soften your cervix and bring on labour. Therefore, mothers expecting children are advised to eat pineapple or food made from pineapple on their 39th week of pregnancy.

If you want to try it, choose fresh pineapple, not canned. Bromelain is destroyed by canning or juicing for long-life cartons. It’ll be most effective if you eat the whole of the peeled fruit, including the core, as the core is where most of the bromelain is found.

Eating Eggplants in last weeks of pregnancy


Eggplants or food from eggplants are believed to increase mother’s uterus elasticity.

Adding Sesame seeds in your diet

 Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds rich in calcium, iron, oxalic acid, amino acid, proteins, vitamin B, C, and E are considered a healthy food. Cook sesame seeds with cassava flour and rock sugar and have it about 3 times a week from week 35 of your pregnancy. It may help to make your labor as painless as possible.

Drink shiso juice

Shiso juice

Shiso juice might soften the uterus and make it open more quickly which allow mother not too much strength and being fatigue during childbirth. This technique is different from others because you should only drink shiso juice just when having phenomenon of child labor.
Rinse shiso leaves well before boiling them for about 5 minutes. The thicker the liquid, the better result it may have.

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