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7 main causes of osteoporosis in men

Bones are at their thickest and strongest in your early adult life and their density increases until your late 20s. But you gradually start losing bone density from around the age of 35. The cause is also derived from a variety of factors, such as unhealthy living habits, hereditary, age, etc. Here are some causes of osteoporosis in men to check out.

1. Hereditary


Genes govern metabolism of calcium and vitamin D. If parents or siblings get osteoporosis or fractures, the possibility will be higher for other members in that family to get this disease.

2. Age

At higher age, bone formation becomes weaken because absorbency of calcium and vitamin D decrease. After age 35, the bone accretion process could not keep up with bone loss process. Consequently, osteoporosis will appear.

3. Use of drugs

Using corticosteroid for long time may hurt bones because these drugs, useful for treating everything from asthma to ulcers, can wreak havoc with bone.

4. Smoking habit

Smoking is not a good idea, especially for strong bones. Smokers have a higher risk of fracture – a 55% higher risk of hip fracture than nonsmokers, as well as lower bone mineral density. Nicotine has a direct toxic effect on bone cells.

5. Drinking too much alcohol

Men are hard to refuse any party. But the fact is that alcohol reduces bone formation process and affects the ability of calcium absorbency.

6. Testosterone deficiency


The most common cause of male osteoporosis is testosterone deficiency. So Testosterone replacement therapy may be helpful in preventing or slowing bone loss.

7. Immobilization

Weight-bearing exercise is essential for maintaining healthy bones. Without it, bone density may decline rapidly. Prolonged bed rest or immobilization of some part of the body often results in significant bone loss. It is crucial to resume weight-bearing exercise (such as walking, jogging, dancing, and lifting weights) as soon as possible after a period of prolonged bed rest.

The above main causes of osteoporosis in men are hoped to be referred so that you can understand more about your disease status and have plans for real proper treatment accordingly. Osteoporosis can cause many complications, and even more and more difficult to treat if it lasts for a long time.

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