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Five ways to prevent flu effectively

There are five ways to prevent flu effectively that you should know to be healthier. Flu is very common; however it makes you tired and uncomfortable and causes some serious side effect in the future. Pregnant women and small children will be seriously affected by flu.

Have flu vaccination

Have flu vaccination

This is the best and most effective solution to protect you from flu. Small children, weak resistance people should have flu vaccination immediately.

Frequently add condiments to your meals

useful for flu - garlic, ginger and onion

There are some condiments that are useful for flu prevention. They are garlic, ginger and onion. A cup of fresh ginger tea with warm water each day will give flu away. You can directly eat onion or use it as a food ingredient in order to enhance your resistance to flu. With garlic, you can drink garlic alcohol, eat directly or mix finely chopped garlic with honey and warm water then use it every day.

Gargle daily with salt

Gargle daily with salt

Put a few salt into warm water and use this to gargle daily. It not only helps you prevent some dental problems but it also enables you to prevent flu.

Do exercise

do exercise regularly to get a healthy body.

A weak body makes it convenient for the attack of all diseases. You are surely able to avoid this by doing exercise. You can choose the exercises that are suitable to your health condition. Remember to do exercise regularly to get a healthy body.

Have solutions to avoid flu

wash your hand carefully before eating

It is time for you to raise awareness to protect your own health. You should take important notes to some advices as follows. Firstly, wear gauze mask when being on the road or at crowd; wash your hand carefully before eating, after going to WC, or after contacting with people at crowd; never share personal belongings with other people.

Again, although flu is a very common disease, easy to catch, it is very easy to prevent thanks to those above five advices which are very applicable to anyone. Do all of them right now to protect you and your family from this disease.

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