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Eight natural ingredients to prevent hair loss

You may lose your hair gradually because of stress, hormone disorder, lack of iron or being in cancer treatment process. You are also tired of trying in vain to hold your hairpieces back. It is time to stop worrying as you can use one of eight natural ingredients to prevent hair loss.


Coconut oil

Apply a few coconut oil to your hair, massage gently, incubate overnight and wash with warm water the next morning. It can give best result if you repeat this action once a day in four weeks.

Henna leaf

Henna leaf contains manite, tannin and Gallic acid that arouse hair to grow again. In order to get the best use of henna leaf, you mix 60 gram of henna leaf powder with 250-gram mustard, boil this mixing and pour into a vase. Then you apply a little of this mixing to the position of hair loss. You can do this many times in one week and enjoy the great result.


Honey is useful to prevent hair loss and arouse hair growth. You can pour some honey into tea or eat honey with bread.

Grapefruit oil

Apply a few drops of grapefruit oil to your hair then you will see the wonderful thing.

Green tea leaf

Green tea can prevent aging; therefore, it helps enhance hair skin strength and arouse hair growth effectively.

Olive oil

In order to make hair grow better, you are simply apply some drops of olive oil to your hair, massage gently, incubate in one hour then wash by clean water.

Mixing of onion, garlic and ginger juice

You apply the mixing of onion, garlic and ginger juice to your hair, incubate overnight and wash your hair next morning. Then you will see the amazing thing.

Baking soda powder

You need two spoons of baking soda powder and three cups of warm water. Then you apply this to your hair, massage gently and wash clearly. At this time, your hair is providing with useful factor to grow well.

hair loss

There are some important notes for you. You should not wash your hand so often, wash your hair with hot water or use so many kinds of shampoo. Besides, you need to provide enough iron and suitable amount of vitamin A to your body. After all, it is time to choose one of these eight things to say goodbye forever to hair loss.

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