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Six effective ways to stop underarm odor

Unpleasant underarm odor is definitely not a fatal disease but it is surely your image killer.
Many people are suffering from this unpleasant odor. This has made them feel uncomfortable, unconfident and embarrassed in communication. These below tips might be helpful for you. Have a look!


ginger tea

Besides effective usage of ginger for your good health in winter, you can use it to get rid of underarm odor.
Method: Keep a piece of fresh ginger and 5grams of tea leaves in boiling water. Wait for the water to be cool enough for your skin, then use this to wash your underarm 1-2 times per day in 5-10 days. You’ll find its effect clearly.

Mint leaves:

Mint leaves

Mix 10gram mint leaves with 10gram rinsed angelica. Apply to your clean underarms once per day. Do it for 5 -10 days.



Besides using it as the food, amaranth can also help you to get rid of armpit smell.
What you have to do is to get a bunch of horse tooth amaranth, smash and mix with honey. Make a circle shape, cover with mud and bake. When baking is done, remove the covered mud and heat the inside up. Get a cloth to cover the heated materials and apply to your armpits. When the heat reduces, get another one and apply again.



It sounds unbelievable but spiders can help for your underarm odor removal.
Get a big spider. Mix a bit hematite powder, salt with yellow mud to make a thick paste. Cover the spider with this paste then bake it. When baking is done, get it out and add a little calomelas. Apply this to your armpits before going to bed. The next morning, your urine will have black color. By that way, armpit smell will be eliminated.



Chop peppers into small slices and soak in iodine fluid in 2 or 3 days. Apply this liquid to your clean armpits 1-2 times per day within 7-10 days.

Dioscorea hamiltonii:

Dioscorea hamiltonii

Dig up a fresh dioscorea hamiltonii, wash and chop into small slices, chafe your armpits with these slices, 1-2 times per day within 5-10 days.

With these very easily finding materials, hopefully you will eliminate this unpleasant smelly underarm odor.

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