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How to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly at home?

Hemorrhoids is a common disease, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. Hemorrhoids patients often go for a medical treatment when their condition has become very painful and severe. However, once the situation has become severe, it will put a big negative impact on your life. Therefore, early detection of hemorrhoids symptoms will help patients have more chance to get rid of this disease.

There are many herbal treatments to treat the root causes of hemorrhoids without the interference of surgeon. You can refer to those below methods:

Cowslip creeper leaves

Cowslip creeper leaves get rid of hemorrhoids quickly
Take 100grams of cowslip creeper leaves and 5grams of salt. Wash leaves, crumple with salt, add about 30 ml of water and then filter through a cloth. Soak the cotton in this liquid and place this cotton on the affected area. Do it once or twice daily.

Hottuynia cordata

Hottuynia cordata get rid of hemorrhoids quickly
Hemorrhoids treatment by hottuynia cordata is very simple. However, patience is needed for this medication.

You have to eat a lot of fresh lettuce leave every day. After washing, soak hottuynia cordata in diluted saltwater in about 5 minutes, then put in a basket, drain and eat. Eat as much as possible. Even, you can eat lettuce instead of other vegetables. Additionally, you can make lettuce juice to drink. But eating is better than drinking because of fiber preservation.

Hottuynia cordata can also be boiled in water. Use this water to steam, soak, wash the affected area.
With this very simple remedy from lettuce, you just need to be patient.Your hemorrhoids will be cured for sure.

Bryophyllum pinnatum

Bryophyllum pinnatum get rid of hemorrhoids quickly
For hemorrhoids treatment: Use 6grams of bryophyllum pinnatum leaves and 6g portulaca oleracea. Wash, chew and swallow.
For bowel bleeding treatment: Take 30 grams of bryophyllum pinnatum leaves 10g false daisy, 10g wormwood (roasted), 10g platycladus leaves (roasted). Boil to get water for drink.

Green papaya

Green papaya get rid of hemorrhoids quickly
Cut a green papaya (make sure that papayer is fresh and has sap). Befor bedtime, cut into 2 halfs, tie on each shin (the stalk is upward). Just keep it overnight. Do this until you see hemorrhoids disappear.

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