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Treatments for airway obstruction in children

Airway obstruction is an accident that many young children meet. In some cases, it led to unfortunate consequences for children because their parents do not know how to handle in time. If a child get a blocked airway, emergency treatment is usually necessary.

The most common symptoms of clogged airways:

Difficulty breathing

If the baby lips and tongue are becoming pale or they are unconscious, parents need to quickly remove foreign object from baby nose, mouth to apply first aid.

First aid:

For newborn babies: Let infant lie prone vertically on your arm, babe’s head is lower than the chest. Keep baby head and shoulders by one hand. Deliver five back blows between the infant’s shoulder blades with the heel of your other hand to shoot out object. Do not hurt the babe by much outrageous act.

For small children: Let child lie prone on your thigh, the child head is lower than shoulders, clap repeatedly between kid shoulders until foreign object has been thrown out. If your kid becomes unconscious, do artificial respiration.

Difficulty breathing

For older children: Ask your child to bend forward, head lower than the chest. Stick fingers down your kid throat to vomit the object out. If the child can not cough and his airway has been obstructed, slap five times between his two ribs by the heel of your hand, then press hard into the abdomen with a quick upward thrust – as if trying o lift the child up, foreign object will be pushed to the mouth and it makes child cough out.

You could perform back blows and abdominal thrusts alternatively. If the child becomes unconscious, help him to the ground and begin CPR. If the foreign object still clogs the airway, call your local emergency number for help.

Preventive measures:


– Keep out of reach of children the small objects such as needle, coins, fruit seeds, etc.
– Let children play toys with diameter greater than 5 cm.
– Offer them mashed foods that do not contain bones, grains, seeds; train children the habit of chewing slowly.
– For children over 6 years old: do not laugh or run while eating.

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