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What kind of underwear should not be kept anymore?

Many of you may think that underwear can also be used for years, just like other clothes. However, this is a very wrong conception!

In fact, all things have their own expiration dates, thereby, underwear has no exception. Even, underwear must be used carefully because of its special function in protecting our “sensitive areas”. So, we need to “say bye” with our underwear if it is in one of those following condition:

Underwear gets discolored quickly after each cleaning


Currently, there are no more places using a natural dye for clothes. Moreover, almost fabric dyeing chemicals are very harmful. When being used in direct contact with the skin, the skin will automatically absorb an amount of dye chemicals. So, if the underwear gets discolored quickly after cleaning, it means that your underwear is not good at all. You should also avoid using so bright colorful underwear because they are likely to absorb a large amount of dye!

Underwear used for more than half year


According to research by microbiologists, there is an averagely 0.1 gram of “waste” in one dirty underwear (with more than 10 million different types of bacteria). Though they are completely washed and dried, all 100% of the bacteria have not been removed yet. So you are advised to change your underwear every half year.

Underwear quickly deforms after using


In case that your underwear has just been used for short time but it has already got deformed. It is time to throw away as soon as possible. Because, this proves that you have purchased poor quality underwear which has hidden health hazards.
In addition, you should also not keep the underwear which is unable to remove stains after washing many times. You had better purchase those with good brand and good material for your sake.

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