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Abnormalities of male genitalia that mothers must notice

Mothers have to take care of little boy’s genitals in order to early discover its abnormalities!

Swelling of the genitals

This is very easy to detect. If mothers saw the boys glans slightly red, swollen and sometimes with pus, they should take children to the test. This phenomenon usually occurs for foreskin stenosis babies. So when mothers bathe them, they can wash carefully infant genitalia.


Mother can recognize this unusual phenomenon when the son has urinary meatus not in the middle of the penis but on the underside of the glans. In this case, children need to get a surgical reconstruction of the urethra.


The majority of children are born with physiological phimosis, it means that the foreskin is unable to drag down because of natural stick between the foreskin and the glans. Doctors say that it is a natural phenomenon and this foreskin will broader along children growth.

Testicular dislocation

Cute little boy

Mothers can recognize this anomaly as observed only 01 testicle in scrotum. Mothers put babies lying on the bed, or in a tub of warm water, then gently pressed by hand above the genitalia to make a testicle fall down in right position.

Abnormal enlargement of the scrotum

Many new mothers are very anxious to see the boy genitals unusually large. Mothers do not worry then, in fact, the baby boys are born with big scrotum because there is some liquid inside it with the testicles. After a few weeks, this will consume liquid away and scrotum will be back to normal size.

Testicular torsion

The symptoms of this phenomenon are sudden pain in one testicle, baby crying, scrotal swelling, redness and irritation, painful urination. Meanwhile, children need immediate surgery to remove the twisted off to prevent the babies from testicular damage.

Urethra disorders

Expression of this symptom is abdominal pain, fever, writhing, crying, refusing to eat. Babies need to be tested urine, or X-rays in cases of birth defects. If the conclusion is urethra disorders, the baby should be taken antibiotics immediately.

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