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The right way to eat fruits

Eating fruit is important to our overall health. It is no doubt. Fruit is healthy for us, we all know that, but, it’s good to know that eating it should follow some general guidelines to fully benefit our health. It’s just not as simple as putting it into our mouths whenever we feel like it. So what is the right way to eat fruits? Just have a look! You might find those following rules helpful:

When to eat?

Eat fruits

Nutrition experts recommend that fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach and should not be used as dessert after a meal. Because it will help detoxify and provide most nutrients to the body when it is consumed on an empty stomach.
However, it is noted that not all fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, because some ingredients in certain fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, lychees and blueberries can cause a reaction with acid in the stomach. Therefore, you should avoid eating when you are hungry.

The best time for you to eat fruits is in the morning after having a glass of water.

– After every meal: Eat pomelo is very good, especially for pregnant women. Natural acids in pomelo help lower cholesterol, which accordingly is very good for arteries protection and heart disease prevention.
– 10 a.m: This is a stressful period of time with loads of work, which will make you feel restless. Eating fruits at this time definitely help you relax in their sweet tastes.
– 1 p.m: Such acidic fruits as oranges, lemons, apricots or tangerines are preferable for better digestion at this time.
– 4 p.m: Normally you will feel hungry at this time and want to be served with fruits. So, remember to choose less acidic fruits as your stomach is empty.

Fruit can be mixed with other food?

When fruits are eaten alone, your stomach can more easily process all of the nutrients, fiber and the simple sugars contained in the fruit. This is the optimal “proper way” to benefit from the fruit you eat.

You can also mix the fruit with other foods as yogurt or salt as long as you do not have any digestive problems such as indigestion or stomach pain. You can also combine fruits such as pineapple, oranges, melons or pomegranate with salads if you prefer. There is no harm if you mix berries and dried fruit with grains.

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