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Change New Underwear Every 6 Months to Protect Your Health

Many people believe that as well as clothing, underwear can be used through the years. Sometimes, what you think is not necessarily true. To protect the great sensitivity of our body part, you should replace the new panties every 6 months. You need to give up this little friend if you experience the following signs:


1. Distorted underwear

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If after only a few washes it has been stretched or shrinkage, fabric becomes unusually dry, you need to remove it immediately. This proves that you bought the wrong shoddy goods, it leads to potential health hazards.

2. Lose color after each wash


Currently, fabrics are dyed with industrial methods, so that the chemicals contained in residual dye are damaging to us. So when you detect signs of quickly discolored underpants, there are problems already. You should be careful when choosing underwear with colorful, because more bright color it is, more it absorb dye.

3. Underwear hang out in the bathroom a long time


Most of you have a bad habit that you always wash your underpants and exposed them in the bathroom. Maybe you think it is convenient, but this will increase the risk of diseases of the genital area. Especially in women had been or was being gynecological diseases, because damp bathrooms without ventilation will be an ideal place for bacteria development. You should expose underwear to mostly sunny and airy place.

4. Underwear used more than 6 months


Scientists said that on one dirty pantie there is 0.1g of waste on average, and it exists more than 10 million of different types of bacteria. Whether you have washed it and dried it in direct sunlight, do not completely kill 100% of bacteria. So, whether you use it more or less, on average, you need change panties every 6 months!

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