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Leaving The Fear Of Motion Sickness Behind

Motion sickness, sometimes referred to as sea sickness or car sickness, is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion. Dizziness, fatigue, cold sweats, and nausea are common symptoms of car sickness. So how do you go about preventing motion sickness? Use some simple tips and tricks to enjoy the ride, sickness-free.

Use ginger


Many people eat ginger to settle the stomach, so it helps mitigate car sickness or other motion sickness. Some can chew fresh ginger into small pieces and keep in mouth. Some choose a simpler way which is to smell tangerine peel to escape the odor of air condition and petrol.

Sit in the front seat

Sit in the front seat

Face forward and stabilize your head is also a great way to reduce motion sickness. Many people suffering from car sickness usually choose the seat next to the driver. Because when you sit in the back seat of the car, you see more of the apparently stationary car around you, and in many models of car, your inner ear feels the movement more. This causes a greater mismatch between the signals your brain is getting, and you feel more ill.

Do not read anything

Do not read anything

Do not read anything even a map while you are in the car. If you are at risk of motion sickness, you should not play games on the phone or view files on the computer or camera. To prevent car sickness, make sure the only objects you focus your eyes on are outside of the car, on the horizon in front of you.

Avoid heavy meal before trips
heavy meal

Avoid large meals and alcohol before your trips and never start your journey with an but do not ever an empty stomach.

Get a motion sickness wrist band

motion sickness wrist band

A motion sickness wrist band provides gentle, constant pressure to your forearm, about one inch from your wrist joint. This pressure is supposed to help alleviate the nausea caused by motion sickness. You can try it to eliminate motion sickness.

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