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Toddler constipation treatment

Toddler constipation has become a big concern of any moms. When babies cannot poop normally, moms are very worried and try to find the best treatment. The following guidelines are hoped to be helpful for moms whose babies are suffering from constipation:

1. Constipation treatment by traditional method:

Honey is a very simple and popular home remedy. Recently, it is proven that pure honey can absorb water and can also contain a lot of water. This combination helps keep stools soft and wet as it passes through the digestive system. Therefore, honey acts as a lubricant to push stool out. How to prepare?
Material: 50g carrots and 25ml honey.
Method: Wash and crush carrots, mix with honey. Pour 150 ml of water, stir then simmer. Feed your baby twice daily.

Sweet potato
Sweet potatoes also work to prevent constipation in your baby because they contain fiber. As it moves through the digestive tract, fiber absorbs some water, keeping stools soft and easy to pass. One half, cooked sweet potato without the skin contains 3.9 g of fiber. If your baby becomes constipated, give her a serving of strained sweet potatoes each day to help regulate stools.


2. Diet adjustment:

Moms should feed babies with more fiber foods such as beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Drinking adequate water will help soften stools. But do not offer your child more milk. Milk is also a part of constipation reasons.

3. Some medicines for constipation treatment:

The only purpose of these drugs is to soften stool and help babies go pooping more easily:
– Duphalac;
– Sorbitol;
– Polyethylene glucol.

4. When to call the doctor?

Take your child to see the doctor in one of the following cases:
– Baby suffers from constipation for over a week, and the change in baby’s diets brings no improvement;
– Your child refuses eating, loses weight, vomit and has blood in stool.

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