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Premature gray hair among men: Causes, treatment and precautions

Some men are suffered from premature gray hair. Even though premature gray hair is often benign disease, it still makes you less attractive and unconfident. Therefore, it is important to know about causes, treatment and precautions of premature gray hair in order to be in their true level.

Reasons and treatment for premature gray hair

Scientist said that premature gray hair is caused by genetic, endocrine disorder, poor nutrients, mental activities, and stress. The position of grey hair can warn you about some diseases.

 gray hair among men
Near forehead tells you about digestion disorder. For treatment, you should eat warm ginger gruel twice a week.
Premature gray hair at two sides of head warns you about hot liver. You can use some foods as a remedy for this situation. Foods should be frugal and easy to digest like lotus seed gruel or bitter melon. Besides, it is important to keep you relaxing because bad feeling can make your hair gray.
Premature at back nape reminds you to take care of your weak reins function. In this case, you should put some foods into your daily meal such as walnut, shrimp, dog’s reins, etc.

If you do not want your hair become gray, you need to know seven methods to precaution.

First, wash your hair frequently. It is much better to massage head skin gently while washing. You should let it dry naturally after that. Moreover, it is important to choose suitable shampoo to your hair.

Second, you should comb your hair at least ten times a day.

Third, let us think about the quality of hat. You should choose hat with good quality in order to help your hair easy to breath.

Forth, it is time to find way to prevent stress if you do not want to live with premature gray hair. Having enough sleeping time and good sleep are good suggestion. Besides, you should take time to relax.

After that, you should have a suitable dietary. It is good to focus on some foods that are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A and foods that are useful for healthy hair skin like milk, poultry meat, green vegetable, fish and fruit, etc.

Next, it is time to stop smoking or drinking alcohol if you want to escape from premature gray hair.

Finally, you are recommended not to let your air condition too hot or too cold, as your hair is very sensitive.

These useful information above will help you much to take your confidence back.

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