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Health Improvement

Five reasons to go swimming in summer time

Swimming helps you improve your body

There are five reasons that you should go swimming in the summer. When it is very hot in the summer, the idea of going swimming is a wise choice. One greater thing is that swimming is a wholly sport for your health and your body. It helps to improve your …

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Teatox – a new trend to detox

Lemongrass ginger tea

It is no doubt about the benefits for health and beauty of detox water, yet not everyone can apply this method. The reason is that you have to drink water and just water for a whole day. Consequently, some might easily get gastric problems, even exhausted and fainting. In that …

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12 secrets to live More than 100 years old Without Amnesia

The Japanese are famous with high life expectancy. Recently, a book by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa entitled “101 ways to live to 100 years old without amnesia” indicated that diet and good habits in life contributes significantly to keeping the brain sharp and agile. Here are 12 secrets. Drinking a glass …

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