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12 secrets to live More than 100 years old Without Amnesia

The Japanese are famous with high life expectancy. Recently, a book by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa entitled “101 ways to live to 100 years old without amnesia” indicated that diet and good habits in life contributes significantly to keeping the brain sharp and agile. Here are 12 secrets.

Drinking a glass of warm water immediately after waking up

Drinking water

We take about 500 cc (half a liter) of water while sleeping, so some water need to be added to our body after waking up. Warm water may increase 10 % temperature and metabolism of the body.

Drinking fruit or vegetable juice at least three times a week

fruit or vegetable juice

Taking this kind of drinking at least three times a week can reduce the 76 % risk of dementia.

Sunbathing in 15 minutes a day


Sunlight helps the body to take vitamin D supplements which have been proven to work effectively in the prevention of cancer.

Eating dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Chocolate is rich in polyphenol which slows down the process of aging and helps control blood sugar levels.

Cooking at home


Studies have shown that people who like cooking is not easy to suffer from dementia, because cooking can stimulate brain activity.

Keep off carbonated beverages and processed foods

Keep off carbonated beverages and processed foods

Carbonated beverages and processed foods, such as fast food, are rich in phosphorus which is hindering the absorption of calcium and is harmful to bones.



Exercise can bring benefits if it makes we sweat, which helps eliminate toxins in the body.

Reduce 5 % of body weight

Reduce body weight

Those who live to be 100 years old without disease have one common thing – they do not have excess fat in the body. The risks of diabetes and hypertension are reduced if our body weight decreased by 5 %.

Walking about 30 minutes a day


Who hardly exercises or never exercises has the highest mortality rate. Walking for 30 minutes a day can increase blood circulation and improve overall health.

Practicing meditation

Meditation can heal and prevent many diseases

Meditation can heal and prevent many diseases. Just meditating for 10 minutes in the morning can start the day well, but the better thing is spending more time in religious contemplation.

Eating onions


Onions are good for lowering blood pressure in a natural way thanks to contains Prostaglandin A which can dilate blood vessels and reduces blood viscosity and thus contributes to lower blood pressure, increases blood flow and prevent thrombosis. In addition, the shell also contains rutin which is very beneficial for blood vessels.

Not eating after 9 pm

nice clock

Fat is accumulated easiest at 2am. If we do not eat anything after 9 pm, which means no fat will be accumulated.

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