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Good tips to keep mosquitos away

The good time for mosquitos approach victims is at nightfall or at dawn

Mosquitos are intermediate that cause some serious diseases like dengue, malaria. They are also the main object to pass Zika virus. Termination of mosquitos has appeared to be the most effective way to prevent epidemic diseases spreading out. And natural methods to remove mosquitos always come first on Google search …

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Warning bath situations that can cause sudden death


Recently, lots of stories about sudden death due to the wrong bathing make people startled. Seen from the above heartbreaking stories, we get together to share bath situations that can cause sudden death. Using air-conditioner immediately after bathing The sudden drop in temperature immediately after a bath will adversely affect …

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Six effective ways to stop underarm odor

Besides effective usage of ginger for your good health in winter, you can use it to get rid of underarm odor.

Unpleasant underarm odor is definitely not a fatal disease but it is surely your image killer. Many people are suffering from this unpleasant odor. This has made them feel uncomfortable, unconfident and embarrassed in communication. These below tips might be helpful for you. Have a look! Ginger: Besides effective usage …

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